Vladimir McTavish and Keir McAllister Look at the State of Scotland

4 Star


Although the vote on Scottish Independence is some two years away, a pair of the most iconic Scottish Stand-ups, have joined together for a tongue in cheek look at the question, or questions, to try and gauge feelings and maybe provide pointers.

Now McTavish and McAllister are hugely entertaining individually but as a duo they seem to complement each other, each taking the lead and each the straight man on occasions.

A thriving crowd of people in the audience and a fairly large proportion of Scots, who knew, were royally entertained by both.

A lot of the issues are debated somewhat tongue in cheek style and this did slightly start a public forum, not for long it was back on track in a trice and I have to say the hour went by all too fast.

So did we come to a conclusion? Probably not. Do we have a new National Anthem? We certainly should, but somehow I doubt it. One thing that should not be up for debate and that is you should definitely go to see this show.

Reviewed by Geoff

Stand Comedy Club IV

Until 26 August

19-00 to 20-00


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