Dead Cat Bounce – Howl of the She-Leopard


Imagine Journey, Foreigner and Whitesnake somehow combined to make one band with a guitarist/vocalist, bassist and drummer, but the songs they made were about Australian immigration stats, rugby and Christians in love. They even look the part with the obligatory tight-and-spangly trousers.

They are a genuinely good band, and the music they play would not be out of place in a rock club, except the lyrics are rather wacky. The banter between the songs was lovely and funnier than some comedians. I was slightly surprised how young they seem, given the type of music the play, but it doesn’t have any bearing on it being a really good show. It did seem more like a concert than a show – and I would have been quite happy to have watched for two hours instead of one.

Reviewed by Laura

Pleasance Courtyard

until 26th Aug, 21:30

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