Gavin Webster – Bill Hicks Wasn’t Very Good

4 Star


No one could ever accuse Gavin Webster of not creating an impression. Whether with it is with his somewhat controversial show title or even his imposing stage presence it is a brave person to ignore him. Also a foolish person because then they would be the ones to miss out.

Geordie Webster claims to be a bitter person and he is happy to be. He gives reference to last years show, has a go at some of the affected comics of TV fame, in fact he does have a go at a lot of things and people. But he does it in a funny way and garners many laughs and a bit of back chat along the way.

He has many targets older people, Elvis, Royals, Gary Barlow and yes even Hicks a little, but he is such an engaging personality on stage it is impossible not to laugh out loud.

Webster is a man you would want on your side if push came to shove and I am pleased to say I felt I could go with him on most of his stuff, ‘cause I wouldn’t want to upset Kenny Webster in any way.

Reviewed by Geoff

Stand Comedy Club II

Until 26 August

17-50 to 18-50

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