The Great Puppet Horn


My only criticism of this show is that it could have done with a bigger screen for the size and shape of the room. Everything else was fantastic. Two men sit to the sides of a screen which is backlit by a projector so they can use both shadow puppets and acetates to take you on a raucous and satirical adventure through recent popular and political culture. There is a story, and it serves as a very good vehicle for the fun they poke at variously, the coalition government, Scottish independence, bad grammar, immigration laws, homophobia, religion and about a hundred other things.

Their puppets are works of art; those that represent real people are instantly recognisable, and they all move beautifully. They’re very clever with their words, and very good with the singing and the sound effects. I was impressed at the level of multi-tasking: changing acetates, manipulating one puppet, narrating and getting the next one ready all at once.

I felt like I’d been at the cinema watching a film – a slightly anarchic and chaotic one, but a film nonetheless. Brilliant.

Reviewed by Laura

Underbelly Cowgate

until 26 Aug, 17:30

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