Bad Musical

4 stars

This is a great send-up of the musical genre though seems to be aimed more at comedy fans rather than musical fans – ‘Springtime for Hitler’ this isn’t.

Rather than extremely bad-taste Nazi jokes and the like, what we get are the classic stereotypical routines – people doing things out of time, singing the wrong words, doing the wrong dance moves, technical cues being wrong, lights not working, props/costumes going wrong and the likes.

The beginning and end of the show are very good although it does turn slighty into a ‘good musical’ in the middle before pulling everything together at the end in hilarious fashion.

All in all there’s nothing new here but it is very well done, the actors work their socks off, it is very funny and worth catching whether you love or hate musicals.

Review by Alan

Gilded Balloon Teviot
1-27 August (not 13)


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