Danielle Ward: Speakeasy

4 Star


Danielle Ward is a very amiable hostess greeting her cast with a complementary G&T and making one and all feel welcome to her space.

Thus watered everybody settled down to be entertained by this amiable comic, and listened attentively to what she had to say, predominantly on misogyny in the world of comedy in particular, but life in general.

As always Danielle is funny and well written, even if in this case hardly groundbreaking in her approach. Her being told she couldn’t follow Helen Sharman as a physicist and maybe astronaut because she would need to be clever, through the variety of jobs and strange things she was asked to do at the South Korean Embassy to the ineptitude of her brother all have plenty of comic mileage that she used wisely as I have grown to expect.

She is a pleasing comic, value for money and I feel we sure could cope with more of her entertainment on stage, radio or TV.

If there was a weak point, well I suppose it was the finale, when Health & Safety regulations robbed her of the spectacular finish planned, but worry not there sure is more than enough content to make up for it.

Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance 10 Dome

Until 26 August

20-20 to 21-20


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