Gráinne Maguire: Where Are All the Fun Places and Are Lots of People There Having Better Fun?

4 Star


The lights dimmed and Ms McGuire dressed in as she described her outfit Boho chic enters the space and after initial a self deprecating start, describes a family trip to Clara Lara Fun park, an attraction in her native Ireland only to discover after a while that the fun park was else where and really much better.

A suitable analogy for me. The opening of her show I though it may be a long hour, but before long it was oh so much better and I too really had a fun time along the way.

A self confessed try to hard, she’ll explain for you, Ms McGuire leads the audience through her opinions on Kate Middleton, Tony Blair, TOWIE and New Labour.

I found  Gráinne an engaging storyteller, she has a well written and delivered set, no flashy stuff with her, and usually she is the butt of the material, but try too hard or not she will not have to try too hard to get me back to see her next show.

Reviewed by Geoff


Until 26 August

16-20 to 17-20

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