Terry Alderton

3 Star


Terry Alderton is what I guess could be classed as a ‘Marmite’ comedian, you either like him or loath him. He certainly puts bums on seats as his sell out shows will testify to, and he once was Perrier Nominated.

He is an interesting character on stage he prowls his arena, he doesn’t only break the fourth wall he shatters it, he doesn’t so much crowd people’s personal space he invades it, nobody is immune.

He is funny, often surreal, sometime just strange, but he is someone who can’t be ignored. Most people when they have an internal dialogue do so silently, not our Terry, he has several discussions with his ‘other self’ out loud with his back to the audience, he is known to rewind something that doesn’t go to his satisfaction, complete with authentic sound effects, in fact sound effects is something else that he is very good at, just him and his mic.

I don’t know why but he is not a comedian who I am comfortable seeing. I don’t mind the audience stuff; I don’t mind the randomness of what he does. I just find myself feeling awkward during his set. He certainly splits the room, some are in raptures others never raised a smile at the show I saw.

Reviewed by Geoff

Gilded Balloon Wine Bar

Until 26 August

2-30 to 23-30


2 Responses

  1. What a ridiculous review. In your words he is a Marmite comic you either love him or hate him then give him 3 stars out of 5. That means you neither loved him or hated him.

    • John I take your point. BUT, I used to be a huge fan, but felt this show as not one of his best. The audience was really split the day I went, I guess about 40% howling with laughter, the rest barely cracking a smile and a fair few cringing in case he came near them. So the 3 star is based partly on the whole audience reaction. Me I know he has done better shows

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