Voices in Your Head: Deborah Frances-White

4 Star


Deborah Frances-White has created this late night comedy treat and ably leads some of the best comics around Edinburgh through an hour of entertainment that is an absolute treat.

Ms Frances-White allocates props to the audience members to be delivered to the unsuspected performers while she plays the Voice of God by issuing instructions from the back of the venue with a disembodied voice and giving them situations to create as they go.

It is really funny to see these ‘victims’ not only having to improvise, but also strive to obey ‘The Almighty’ rather than have fee rein of their actions.

The line up of victims varies but on the night I attended Hannibal Buress, Ed Coleman, Tiffany Stevenson, Suki Webster and Mike McShane were on duty, quite a stellar line up I’m sure you would agree

The audience loved it and laugher was free flowing throughout the entire show as Deborah weaved situations for them and eventually brought the story to a conclusion. It was a really refreshing idea, well executed and one that should certainly not be missed.

Reviewed by Geoff

Udderbelly The Dairy Room

23-25 August

23-20 to 00-20


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