Set List: Stand Up Without a Net

4 Star


The principal of this cult show is simple, the execution is far from that.

The idea is that top comics from across the Fringe are invited to pit their comedy brains by seamlessly and spontaneously delivering a set in front of around 150 people on strange and wacky subject waaaay out of their comfort zone and at the whim of the shows producers who project their subject live in front of them.

And yet they still come to rise to the challenge. No matter how big a name they are they are up there strutting their talent and risking their reputation.

Each night is compered by Matt Kirshen who explains the process to those who don’t know the rules, warms up the crowd and does the introductions.

Walking past The Caves on a daily basis lets you see who is performing that night and the show I saw included, Phill Jupitus, Trevor Noah, Tom Stade, Al Murray, Greg Proops, you can see for yourself the calibre of comic attracted. Of course some subjects are easier than others but all performers make a more than decent fist of what they are given.

The show is billed for an hour but do be prepared for a bit of an overrun.

Reviewed by Geoff

Just The Tonic at the Caves

Until 25 August

23-59 to 01-00 ish


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