One Night Stand:- West Avenue Theatre Company

3 Star


Alice and Brian are work colleagues. No more, no less in spite of Alice’s hopes. Then one drunken work night out the dynamic is changed. Or has it.

Brian wakes up hung-over so badly you can feel his pain only to discover Alice’s presence in his new flat. He can’t remember her being there or what may have happened. Alice thinks they are now a couple, but there is a twist or two yet to play out.

A pregnant Megan, a farcical internet gut Ross, Sam, Brian’s significant other and Carole, Sam’s mother are all added to the mix as the comedy turns to elements of farce.

This play is fun but is not earth shatteringly hilarious. The devices have all been seen many times before, but the characterisation was good, the pace didn’t let up throughout, but maybe all the blame landing on one character in the end was a little unfair.

Reviewed by Geoff

The Space on The Mile

2 to 18 August

14-05 to 14-50


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