Punch: Little Dog Productions

4 Star


Initially set in The Cock Tavern Covent Garden where John a comedian ‘with no material’ is playing an offensive set, where he is later arrested.

Cut to a cell and Anne the harassed social worker sets about trying to get answers as to why things were said, why things were tweeted where is the child’s mother and how did the child get injured.

This play although very well written by Steven Bloomer and the acting skills of Matthew Jones and Kirsty Mann are spot on did not make for easy viewing. It was a very dark piece at times and the occasional Punch and Judy links really failed in me anyway to lighten the mood, I guess it wasn’t meant to anyway.

The questions as to what was acceptable to say as a stand up a la Lenny Bruce, Frankie Boyle et al will always be up for debate, and production really will not answer them. However as a ready well performed piece of new writing and fine acting it is certainly a play to check out.

Reviewed by Geoff

Underbelly Cowgate

Until 26 August

15-40 to 16-40

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