Elis James – Speaking as a Mother

4 Star


Eis James is definitely on the move as a comic in what is his 4th solo Edinburgh show, really(?) and the sell-out signs for this strangely entitled show in a port-a-cabin are very much in evidence. His style is long form story telling, but he is thinking of changing as he wants to buy a house!!

Although in his early thirties he hasn’t grown up, and although living with his partner refuses to do so,

His material is well constructed and funny, he tells stories against himself last years show interruptions by Glasgow Rangers stag night, being dissed on a train by two girls, being mugged in Cardiff and his cash conscious father are a few examples, but in truth there are a full hours worth of good material.

It is a sure bet that James’s career is definitely on the up. Already numerous TV appearances have raised his profile and I’m sure next year the trend will continue. I would be really surprised to see him in a port-a-cabin next year!!

Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Baby Grand

Until 27 August

19-00 to 20-00


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