This Audio Tour Belongs to Lionel Richie


This audio tour takes about forty-five minutes, and has a simple circular route, with, in the main, good directions (I only got lost once). Narrated by Barry Ferns in a lovely calming tone (nice contrast to the madness you wander through) and interspersed with conversations with various comedians reminiscing about their fringe experiences, it’s a brilliant way to fill in a gap between shows – or get to know a bit of Edinburgh.

I did find myself a little…lost, standing in the middle of a street, listening to a story, wondering where I was going next. But there are lots of people doing that at the Fringe. I did, however, really enjoy the different tasks and suggestions along the way, even if I didn’t do all of them. My especial favourite was the review wall.

This tour is just long enough, and full of silly entertaining humour. Lovely.

Reviewed by Laura

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Caledonian Folk and Blues at the Guildford – Yard of Ale


One of the best Fringe traditions is the free Folk and Blues show put on at The Guildford Arms, located off the east end of Princes Street. Each year, the show is hosted by the Yard of Ale, stalwarts of the Scottish folk scene. Indeed, this year marks the 40th anniversary of the band’s formation.

The four guys know how to entertain with an eclectic mix of songs. It all stems from their excellent musicianship on guitars, with some banjo, mandolin and fiddle appearing in the mix.

Naturally, they perform numerous Scottish and Irish favourites, opening their set with Braes of Killiekrankie. As well as their traditional folk song repertoire, they broaden out to include songs from Steve Earle, Bob Dylan, Rick Nelson and Lindisfarne. I particularly enjoyed their version of Guy Mitchell’s Singin’ the Blues. They end their set with the marvellous Girl from Belfast City.

All through the show, many join in the choruses with obvious enjoyment and good humour. The whole experience is enhanced by the wide choice of real ale available.

Reviewed by Ben

Guildford Arms: 107

16 to 25 August 2012

20.00 – 00.00

Fringe Programme Page Number: 206