The Big Bite-Size Plays Factory Goes Down The Toilet. 4****

_2014BIGBITF_PI There are few things in life that are guaranteed to secure a giggle from children.

One of them is the word poo! In this highly entertaining show, the word poo is used with plentiful abundance, (along with others), delighting the audience young and old. The show enlists the audience as it’s trainee secret agents, who have to pick up the clues from the short plays within the show to complete their training. The show contains drama, singing, comedy and fabulous and amusing costumes.The cast are a lively and enthusiastic bunch who give this show 100% and involve the audience at every step of the production, even giving out free ‘gifts’ upon exit.

All of which combined make this a show which must be considered by all who are in the Pleasance this summer for the Fringe. You will not regret taking the family along to see this, it’s great fun!


Pleasance Courtyard,

July 30th – August 25th, 13.15pm (45 mins)

Reviewed by Kath.



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