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The Fantastical Return Of Greyfriars Bobby 4****

What a great start to this years Fringe. A terrific little venue in St Andrews Square, surrounded by great food and a great atmosphere, you are led into a lovely tent with seating perfectly laid out so that the children can all see the stage and aren’t having to constantly bob back and forth to get their best view. This is aided by the fact that the cast do use the whole of their space to their advantage so the whole of the tent is used on occasions. The story is that of a reluctant ‘tweenager’,  Bex, who has been instructed to visit her uncle in Scotland and it follows her adventures with Greyfriars Bobby, Sherlock Holmes and a living statue in order to locate her uncle so that she does not become lost n the big city.

This is a great tale of  mystery and had the audience, which a was a range of ages, joining in, laughing and totally involved. The cast were engaging and seemed to be genuinely enjoying themselves, and as such, I would wholeheartedly recommend this show to anyone with children, it was funny, clever and well executed so that all could follow it . There was use of video screens and a puppet, so there was plenty to keep the audience involved, and the use of the videos for the Tram ride was great fun. If you have a chance to go along and see this, then do, you shan’t regret it.

STAND IN THE SQUARE : 5th – 14th August