Here you can find our Comedy reviews for the current Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


AAA Stand Up

Activism is Fun

Adam Hills – Mess Around

Alexis Dubus: Cars and Girls

Alfie Moore – I Predicted a Riot

Alistair Barrie – Urban Fogey

Al Pitcher – Tiny Triumphs

Amused Moose Comedy Awards Final

Andrew J Lederer – Cold Comfort

Andrew Maxwell – That’s The Spirit 

Andrew Ryan: Ryanopoly


Barbara Nice – Mrs Nice

Barry Castagnola in Where’s Barry

Bec Hill: Is More Afraid of You than You Are of Her

Billy the Mime

Birth Order

The Boom Jennies – Mischief

Brendan Burns – Home Stretch Baby


Carl Donnelly – Different Gravy

Carl Hutchison: Acceptable

Catriona Knox – Hellcat

Celia Pacquola – Delayed

Chris Ramsay – Feeling Lucky

Chris McCausland – Not Blind Enough

Claudia O’Doherty – The Telescope

Comic Spirit

Craig Hill: Jock’s Trap 

Croft & Pearce: Do it Like a Lady


Damien Crow – The World According to Damien Crow

Daniel Sloss – The Show

Danielle Ward: Speakeasy

Dan Mitchell – Free Egg

Dan Nightingale: The 11 and a 1/2 Ill-conceived Edinburgh Shows of Dan Nightingale

David Trent – Spontaneous Comedian

Dead Cat Bounce – Howl of the She-Leopard

DeAnne Smith – Living The Sweet Life

Deborah Frances-White – Cult Following

Diane Spencer – Exquisite Bad Taste


The Early Edition

Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society Comedy Academy Graduate Show

Eleanor Tiernan – Rogue

Elis James – Speaking as a Mother


Felicity Ward – The Hedgehog Dilemma

The Fitzrovia Radio Hour

Funny Women at the Fringe


Garret Millerick: Sensible Answers to Stupid Questions

Gavin Webster – Bill Hikes Wasn’t Very Good 

Grainne Maguire: Where Are All the Fun Places and Are Lots of People There Having Better Fun?

The Great Puppet Horn

Gordon Southern’s A Brief History of History


Holly Burn – The H Club


The Improverts

Iszi Lawrence’s Wotnot


James Acaster – Prompt

Jarred Christmas: Let’s Go MoFo

Jeff Leach: Boyfriend Experience

Jen Brister – Now and Then

Jessica Fostekew – Brave New World

Jim Campbell: Nine Year Old Man

Jim Jeffries – Fully Functional

Jo Caulfield – Thinking Bad Thoughts

Josie Long: – Romance & Adventure

Juliet Meyers: Raised By Fridge Magnets


Katherine Ryan – Nature’s Candy

Kevin Shepherd: Thus Spoke Kev – Free


Lady’s Live Longer – Ladylike

Laughing Horses Funny Fillies featuring Sajeela Kershi 

Laura Levitas: American Girlfriend

Lawrence Clark: Inspired

Logic for a 5 Year Old

Loretta Maine – Bipolar

Lucy Porter – People Person 

Luke Toulson – Luke Who’s Talking


McNeil and Pamphilon

Maff Brown: Parade of This

Mark Little: THEbullsh*tARTIST

Markus Birdman: Love, Life and Death 

Martin Mor: A Man You Don’t Meet Everyday

Matt Forde: Eyes to the Right, Nose to the Left

Mervyn Stutters Pick of the Fringe

Michael Legge – What a Shame

Mitch Benn – Reduced Circumstances

Munfred Bernstein’s Cabinet of Wonder


Neil Delamere: DelaMere Mortal

News at Kate 2012 – Kate Smurthwaite

NewsRevue – Canal Cafe Theatre 

Nina Conti – Dolly Mixtures

Nish Kumar – Who is Nish Kumar?


The Oxford Imps


Parris and Dowler Know What They’re Doing 

Paul McCaffrey: Pills, Thrills and Belly Laughs

Paul Rickets – Ironic Infinity

Pete Johanssen – Utopian Crack Pipe

Phil Jupitus – You’re Probably Wondering Why I asked You Here

Phil Nicol – Rants

Playing Politics

Pretending things are a c*ck



Rob Auton: The Yellow Show

Rob Deering – The One


Sajeela Kershi – Regret-Me-Nots

Sam Simmons: About The Weather

Sara Pascoe – The Musical

Sarah Kendall – Get Up Stand Up

Scales of the Unexpected

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre – Boo Lingerie

Sean Hughes Stands Up

Seymour Mace – Squeg

Set List: Stand Up Without a Net 

Sharron Matthews Superstar: Gold

The Silky Pair – Happy to Help

Stephen Carlin: Pandas vs Penguins

Steve Shanyaski’s Life-Surviving Bible

Stu and Garry in the Lunchtime Show

Susan Calman – This Lady’s Not for Turning Either


Terry Alderton

This Audio Tour Belongs to Lionel Ritchie

This is Soap C Theatre

Thom Tuck Flips Out

Thom Tuck Goes Straight-to-DVD

Tiffany Stevenson – Uncomfortably Numb

#TimandFreya – Janey Godley and Ashley Storey

Tom Lauri: Good With His Fingers



Vikki Stone – Hot Mess

Vinegar Knickers – On The Edge

Vladimir McTavish and Keir McAllister Look at the State of Scotland

Voices in Your Head: Deborah Frances-White





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