Jojo Sutherland:- Goes for the Jocular


3 Star

Stand up comedy is a strange art, one that can work in almost any space, from a small room in Edinburgh to a venue as large as the O2 arena, but generally I feel it works best at night.

Jojo Sutherland has really got her work cut out to make every one get in the mood with a show that starts at 12-55, that’s almost pre breakfast in Fringe terms.

The show I attended was rather sparse in attendance, in fact Jojo knew them all by name, but it didn’t stop this lady putting on her full performance.

She has a line of material that is largely around herself and her unusual family, with references made to her age, children, issues with money, a recent house move and Facebook. Ms Sutherland’s stuff, sometimes almost akin to a rant on a selection of these topics, were worthy of a bigger audience to appreciate her wit.

It can’t be easy to sell one’s best stuff to single figure audiences, but try she did. I think if the same stuff was programmed at say 8-00pm then it would be a different story.

But don’t let the time put you off. It’s dark in the room so no one could tell it’s not later.


Reviewed by Geoff

Stand IV V 12

12-55 to 13-55

6 to 29 August

Fringe Brochure P 80


Lady C: A Beauvale Production


Four Stars

I don’t suppose that there is a more different play on the Fringe this year. Less than two weeks ago it wasn’t a show, didn’t have a cast and obviously was in no listings or programmes. Hence the show is only doing business on word of mouth and flyers.

This new play by David Garcia is tagged as Lady Chatterley’s Lover for 2010 and was obviously inspired by the D H Lawrence novel. A little of the checkered history of the book is expounded by the three dressing gowned cast of Brendan Riding, Jen Healy and Rebekah Roe and some scenes are performed in an attempt to illustrate the piece.

There is an element of audience interaction, almost stand-up as director Graham Frost puts his spin on the show.

But basically the show is about sex, The sexual revolution of the sixties through to the girly mags and even internet porn seem to trace their roots back to this book.

The three actors bare their souls in respect to their own sexual past and their bodies as well with copious quantities of naked flesh are on display at various times through out the show. Is it there as it is necessary to the play? Often. Is it there as art? Probably. Is it akin to pornography? I suppose that depends on your outlook I suppose, to me nearly every scene was sensual rather than sensational, However on a odd occasion I am not quite so sure.

Do not go to this play if strong language, nudity, both man and female, or the portrayal of sexual acts offends. However, this is a humorous tongue in cheek production that just occasionally will make you think.


Reviewed by Geoff

GRV V 274

Till 29 August

21-10 to 22-05

Life of Si : Si Harder


3 Stars

‘As part of the £5 Fringe, two up and coming comics, Sy Thomas and Simon Fielding are presenting this hour of their take on comedy to enthusiastic audiences daily.’

This was how I started my review of their show last year, and it is appropriate I start with it again as that is how these two started their 2010 show with a reprise of last years.

I went on to say I felt they needed to decide whether they wanted to do sketches, stand-up or VT skits as it was too much of an amalgam of styles. Well, this year the stand-up has gone, but there is even more VT stuff, albeit funny, I prefer to see my acts live instead of clever edits on screen,, but maybe that is where the lads see themselves. On TV. I could definitely see a slot for them as Children’s TV presenters a la Dick and Dom. They have the look and the disposition to excel.

I believe they could find success as mainstream entertainers too, for me they should just stick to the live ideas.

The room was fairly full when I attended and they went down pretty well in general, and at only £5-00 ticket price it is a snip.


Reviewed by Geoff

GRV  Venue 274

6 to 30 August

18-40 to 19-40

Fringe Brochure P 89