Geraldine Quinn: Shut Up and Sing


4 Stars

I have seen Geraldine Quinn a number of times over the last few years, usually enjoying this flame haired comedy rock chick’s set, but felt that last year’s show was not her best. I nearly passed up on the opportunity to see her this year and am so I glad I decided to go.

In a move away from her image, Geraldine has decided to write the perfect pop song and the show is the whole process from start to finish. She explores all the factors that make a three minute bit of nonsense a world wide phenomena, dissecting everything and making sure she is ticking all the boxes, even hoping to break a couple of records on the way.

Quinn has always been able to sing well, always been able to poke fun at both herself and others, but this year she really excels.

The show lasts an hour, including several costume changes that she often is self-deprecating about as they get smaller, and every minute is used to good effect. It’s great to have this really talented lady back to her very best.


Reviewed By Geoff

Underbelly Delhi Belly V 61

5 tp 29 August

22-20 to 23-20

Fringe Brochure P 67


Patrick Monahan : I Walked, I Danced, Iran


4 Star

Patick Monahan has been a Fringe Institution for a number of years and has a reputation for not only being a very friendly comedian but one that never resorts to using strong language during his always funny set.

I have been attending his shows for a number of years now, but he has such a following of regulars that there are always longer serving devotees at each performance I’ve witnessed.

He is very audience interactive, always talking to them getting some on stage with him, always having the rest of us in peels of laughter. How does he do it? A natural born comic.

Monahan was born in Teeside, partly Irish, partly Iranian and growing up in the 80’s when things were less stable in these areas made it an interesting period for this young lad. He explains some of the differences in the diverse cultures within his family, always drawing humour from situations.

Other subjects touch on travels and locations, going to the audience again for examples, being chased by geese and how to deal and finishes off with breaking Iranian law assisted by the audience once more.

Things are never placid in a Monaghan gig, some sort of lunacy is never very far away, but it is Fun with a capital F on every occasion. No wonder he is so popular.


Reviewed by Geoff

Gilded Balloon Wine Bar V 14

4 to 30 August

21-00 to 22-00

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Addy Van der Borgh: Advanced Mumbo Jumbo



Other than a ten minute slot a few years ago on ‘a best of format gig this was the first time I had seen me Van Der Borgh perform.

Welcomed into the compact space by him playing a mean blues style harmonica, the comic starts the opening segment about a strange experience with a harmonica teacher and we were off and running. This comedian has a very expressive face and some of his contortions were at times as funny as his material.

With the theme of Advanced Mumbo Jumbo he spends the majority of his set relating examples he has uncovered, Estate Agents, sofa salesmen prams, and Facebook are some of the examples he cites as using mumbo jumbo in their everyday operations.

He has a interesting segment on town twinning at the start and a very convincing call-back to this to end the set. I did enjoy his material, I think given a livelier audience to feed off, he would have enjoyed the gig more and hence so would the crowd.


Reviewed by Geoff

Stand II

5 to 29 August

17-25 to 18-25

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Moment4Sheila / Laff4Sheila

Today · 08:30 – 19:30

Location The Stand Comedy Club, York Place, Edinburgh

Created by:

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Join us at The Stand Comedy Club celebrate the life of a truly warm and wonderful woman.

Most of us knew Sheila Kay Jack as the enthusiastic co-founder of the One4Review site with her partner Geoff. Their presence at any gig was always a pleasure, and their reviews were unfailingly supportive and constructive.

As many of you will know, we lost Sheila earlier this year.

The Stand Comedy Club, on behalf of all those involved in Scottish comedy, would like to extend this invitation to friends, colleagues and those who knew Sheila to join us at the club for a quiet moment to reflect on Sheila’s life, and to share a few stories, and raise the roof in laughter in memory of this lovely lady. If there was one woman who understood the value of a good laugh, it was Sheila.

Moment4Sheila will begin at 8.30, August 15th, 2010, at The Stand Comedy Club.

Places are sure to be limited, so we really need those attending to RSVP.

Following the Moment4Sheila, The Stand has generously donated the entire ‘Best Of Scottish’ show on the 15th as a benefit, Laff4Sheila.

It’s sure to be a great night, worthy of a glowing mention in One4Review, with Paul Sneddon, Keir MacAllister, Anthony Murray and Parrot.

Proceeds will be given to the World Wildlife Fund in Sheila’s name, as Geoff requested

Please remember, is it important to RSVP for Moment4Sheila.

Laff4Sheila details

Sunday15 August Laff4Sheila benefit night
Venue: Stand 1 | Price: £10 | Doors: 9.35pm | Show: 9.50pm – 11.40pm

Tickets for Laff4Sheila can be purchased through the Stand website