*** 3 stars

Your average fairytale this is not. This is a creative and inventive take on the happily ever after, with a young and fresh take on everything you thought you knew about Prince Charming and his Princess. There is humour and interaction for the young ones, and some clever use of the minimal props on display along with some very good use of costume. The cast were lively and enthusiastic making this a very easy show for children to enjoy, and despite the traditional Princess and Prince Charming story being more of a girly affair, this appealed to both sexes in the audience very much, there were even the odd chuckle moments for the grown ups that were in the audience. The songs and music that were used were original and catchy and by the end of the show I’d say that most of the audience had the proposal song down enough to join in.

This is an ideal show for the family to go along to and enjoy, and I would recommend it.

Reviewed by Kath.

TheSpaces @ SurgeonsHall, Nicolson Street.

August 6th ,9,11,13,16, 18& 20th

Fringe brochure page 20


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