Scott Agnew’s Scottish Breakfast Chat Show

3 Stars  ***

There are a lot of these sorts of shows around at every Fringe but here is one that has definitely got Scottish undertones.

Hosted by Scott Agnew, originally Glasgow based and a variety of guests with a line-up changing daily, the show began with Agnew doing a few minutes of funny warm up and introducing some visitors to the delights of Irn Bru prior to introducing the first guest stalwart of Scottish comedy Raymond Mearns who plugs his show at The Stand and well as more than contributing to the enjoyment with his banter.

Music on the day is provided by Lilly La Scalla playing at Assembly George Square and comedy by Tom Goodliffe at The Cabaret Voltaire.

Closing out the show Matt Kirshen, Underbelly was chatting on the sofa with the two Scots so the quality of the guests being attracted is obvious.

It is a tried and tested format maybe, but does allow people to get tasters of the full shows on offer and judging by the packed room very popular and certainly very good value for money.

Reviewed by Geoff

Cabaret Voltaire V139a

5 to 29 August

13:00 to 14:00

Fringe Brochure P 148


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