James Dowdeswell : My Grandad was a Clown and those are Big Shoes to Fill


3 Stars

West Country comedian James Dowdeswell has been on the comedy circuit for 12 year now, but other than a ten minute slot on ‘A Best of’ last year this was the first time I had seen him perform.

Following on from the initial getting to know you section with the audience James was into his entertaining set covering his upbringing in a pub and further back to his great-grandfather who was a comedian and clown way back in the good old day, who even worked with some of the silent movie greats. He has well researched this gentleman and has come up with reviews of his career.

His set is fairly gentle and easy going, Dowdeswell is not an in your face comedian, and I found his show very easy on the senses. Not ground breaking, just a pleasant way to spend an afternoon hour during the hectic pace that prevails during August.

Dowdeswell has taken large steps to follow after his antecedent recently and passed on a few tips, and has a radical idea as to how the 2012 Olympics could be improved. Who knows it may work!!


Reviewed by Geoff

Stand II V5

5 to 29 August

15-00 to 16-00

Fringe Brochure P 75


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