Chris Mayo’s Panic Attack

4 stars ****

This gentleman describes himself as a forty-year old man in the body of a twelve year old gymnast, but the thing which really struck me as I watched his gestures emphasise his words, is that he has extraordinarily long fingers. And he’s really funny.

I wasn’t going to see this show, but I’m really glad I did. ‘Six people in a cave’ (eight if you include Mr Mayo and the technician at the back) were thoroughly entertained by an energetic exploration of the things which get Chris really stressed (noises, death, aubergines…) and why, in reality, it’s all quite ridiculous.

Audience interaction was encouraged at various points, and because we were only six, we all got a go – making it reminiscent of a group therapy session. If it was therapy though, it was laughter therapy of the best kind, where life’s silly problems were put into perspective by a genuinely lovely bloke with an effervescent charm.

Just the thing for a soggy August.

Reviewed by Laura

Just the Tonic at the Caves

11 – 28 Aug, 18:00 (1 hour)


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