Catriona Knox.: Packed Lunch

3 Stars ***

Sketch comedy for one, or should that be character comedy, is always a difficult number to play in my opinion and I am less sure that lunchtime is the optimum slot for it to be staged, however it was then that we were welcomed into the Umbellina’s Traditional Greek Restaurant for lunch. Our hostess playing the Greek owner issues everyone a menu, but was totally non-plussed when she was thanked in Greek for it. She goes round taking orders, most of which are off!!

This is the first of several characters the versatile Ms Knox portrays, others include  posh kid masquerading as a chav, a bride, still in her wedding dress although her husband is missing, an aging actress with a bit of a past, and a couple of others with Umbellina reappearing a couple of times too.

Ms Knox obviously gives it everything and some of the characters worked better than others, nothing bad with the production, but nothing outstanding either I’m afraid.

Reviewed by Geoff

Udderbelly Pasture Wee Coo V300

3 to 29 August (not 15)

13:35 to 14:35

Fringe Programme P 55


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